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    MY BLUG 2012 review - Part two

    Werner Motzet  April 1 2012 11:54:55 AM
    First BLUG day:

    Before the keynote with Chris Crummy, Theo welcome the 285 attendees.
    Image:MY BLUG 2012 review - Part two
    Congratulation to Theo and his team for this great Number of attendees.

    The Keynote by Chris was the best keynote ever. Now I understand right was "social business" means.
    The complete video you will find here:

    So I visited next the Panel Discussion: Being Social with Femke Goedhart, Paul Mooney, Luis Suarez and anchorman Chris Miller.
    Image:MY BLUG 2012 review - Part two
    complete discussion you can see here:

    If you know the sound of my voice you will here how engaged I discussed with them. Thx 2 Femke and Paul for "helping".

    Then we had brunch break (also sponsered):
    Image:MY BLUG 2012 review - Part two

    After break I decide to visit the downtown of Antwerp.
    Please see my pictures at my photodatabase:

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