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Werner Motzet  November 16 2010 10:20:45 PM
Today I was at 33th DNUG-Conference in Frankfurt. I met many guys from Belfast: Bob, Kevin and a blue Panagendaguy - very nice. Bob ask me: "Did you get many comments?" "YES"
Our Presentation at #DNUG was great: 60 Attendees ware very interested. Thx to my Comoderator Dominic.

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In Session 2 (BestPractice) I am speaking about "Ein Mittelständler macht alles mit Notes - XPages" (a SME does everything with Notes - XPages).

  • I heard a Professor, with 18 years Experience in Development
  • 60 Attendees  in my Presentation, many Developer, all very interested and activ
  • nice DNUG-Team for the Attendees:
Image:Back form DNUG
  • Hotel has super Service
  • "many known Faces"

At the way home I had a nice view on Frankfurt "by night"
Image:Back form DNUG
Resume: I will come again to DNUG in Bonn May 2011